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Entry - recent college graduate or less than 2-years experience
Professional - 3-5 years work experience
Executive - Middle to Senior level executive
Military - leaving a military career for civilian career
Federal - any position within the federal government
Career Change - transferring talents from one industry to another, or laterally shifting from one position to another within the same industry


Main services

Each resume is crafted using your personal work history and biography provided with your order.
100% satisfaction money back guarantee
$ 119.95
Note: please inquire about formatting (PDF, AASCII, etc.) in addition to standard document provided via email
Your resume will have a new rewording and formatting with our certified professional resume writers.
$ 79.95
The purpose of your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is to make the emphasis on your professional skills and achievement to get more interviews appointed.
$ 139.95
Basic resume package offers you personal contact with your certified professional resume writer. You can make the greatest impression with the main documents we craft for you!
$ 129.95
Increase you chances of receiving an interview with a professionally prepared resume and cover letter. Nervous about the interview process? Our professional coaches can help prepare you! Remember – you can only make one first impression. Our experts can help you make the best impression possible.
$ 99.99

Additional services

Our interview coaches will help identify your unique qualifications and weaknesses. Learn the trick to presenting your best self during an interview; practice answering the difficult questions.
$ 69.95
We can help you choose the best references by determining how they speak of you to potential employers.
$ 79.95
Cover Letter and Follow-up Letter Templates available, along with tips and tricks for customizing each letter to the individual employer or career options.
$ 39.95
Final resume will be uploaded to job search engines, job portals and partner job search sites. Ask your professional for details.
$ 59.95
We do job search by scouring the internet and locating 3-5 jobs we think would be well suited to you
$ 49.95/month
Receive tips on expanding your professional network FREE!
$ 129.99
Career coaching on professional behavior on Social Networks. Receive a full scan of each of your social networks for material that could be detrimental to your present or future career advancements.
$ 59.95

All-inclusive packages

Start your job search with the documents highlighting your skills and achievements.
You can win the first impression with our writing and interview coaching assistance!
$ 189.95
Save 22% over ordering services in one package. Become a winner with all your career documents prepared by the experts. You resume will be not only written but ditributed and polished by us. No more stress with the interview or references!
$ 349.95

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You need to upload your old CV or resume, other autobiographic materials with updated information to craft you a professional resume!
or you can send your files to IT Professional Resume Support E-mail

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Include preferred writer’s name when ordering to guarantee having a specified writer, +10% fee. Should your preferred writer not be available, the 10% preferred writer fee will be refunded


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Remember to include your discount code when ordering!
Public code = applicable to any client
Personal code = applicable to returning client
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